How to spot the Fake Dior B23 Sneakers

dior b23

As we all know The Dior B23 sneakers is the best popular sneakers in the Dior sneakers collection. And that’s why this kind of sneakers will have more fake versions and if you just notice some more detail spots below, you may easy to recognize the replica shoes.

I will show you the 8 points that reliable to spot when checking with the authentic Dior B23 sneakers.

Step 1: Check the “Dior” print

You can take a look on the print “Dior” on both real and fake sneakers.


Just concentrate on the hand point out: on the fake shoes, the “r” in the word “Dior” does not really showed meanwhile on the real one, you can see how the “r” is fully visible.

Step 2: Check the “Dior” midsole logo

Going down the print, we have the midsole, we will see the “DIOR” badge/ box to find out.


On the real shoes, the legit DIOR box is all in shape of a rectangle but the fake B23 sneakers is looking like a square. Moreover, the text “DIOR” looks too thick on the replica because the fake factory has used too much material for it.

Step 3: Check the rear bump on Dior B23 sneakers

Take a look on the back of the Dior B23 sneakers and carefully check the shape, the bump shape with the red line is not curved enough with the green line on the authentic.


Step 4: Check the pull tab length on the back of the Dior B23

Now, turn back to the sneakers and you can check the pull tab to see how different between the real and replica shoes. It can easy to see that the replica Dior B23 sneakers pull tab is too short and the authentic is longer. The manufacturer don’t pay more attention about this point, so you can check it easily.


Step 5: Take a look at the pattern of the midsole

Moving down from the pull tab and check the diamond shape below:


As you can see the replica sneakers midsole isn’t as detailed as the authentic one, they are too wide on the replica Dior B23 but on the real ones are smaller.

Above is the 5 steps I suggest to you to easily spot the fake B23 sneakers, but those points are not easily can see on the replica shoes 1:1 as this type of replica is almost manufactured as the originals. You can take a look on our replica Dior B23 sneakers below:

the replica

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