Fake and Real Gucci Ace Sneakers

Gucci Ace Sneakers always exude class value and create a strong impression every time you look at them. Gucci products from design, details, logos, lines, soles,… are all finished with high quality and always bring comfort, and can be combined with many clothing items to enhance the wearer’s figure.

Most of the design style of the Gucci Ace shoe line is aimed at simplicity and elegance. What makes this shoe special is the unique images such as: golden bee, flower, snake, tiger head, star, … are hand-embroidered extremely meticulously. The silhouette has been released in a variety of fabrics and patterns, enhancing its popularity across all ages and lifestyles. It is not natural that fake manufacturers quickly profit from it. Several extremely accurate fakes are being sold on the market, making careless buying a pair online extremely dangerous. Counterfeit products do not have many obvious signs, but the details considered in the instructions are enough to come to a conclusion. Let’s take a look at the picture and instructions on the process distinguish GUCCI ACE EMBROIDERED BEE SNEAKER shoes.

Differences in Bee Embroidery

The authenticity is done on the shoes with golden bee embroidery on both sides of the sneakers. The first thing you need to notice right away is the inconsistent embroidery pattern. This is obvious, as there are some areas where the seams spread out suddenly, resulting in large gaps. Furthermore, the grooves used in the imitation shoes are quite thin and there is a noticeable shine in them, which means that the threads are not up to Gucci’s standard quality.

Differences in Logos

For the Gucci Ace legitimacy check, it is extremely important that the authenticator can review the unique logo. Logos represent a brand and this detail is extremely important to the authenticity of an item, so ask to see the heel of the shoe in full detail. For many unsuspecting people who may not be able to tell if it’s real or fake, the photos you see don’t show significant flaws in this conclusion. And if you look closely you can tell the mistake is the font used. Just look at the ‘GUCCI’ – this is a very common sign of a fake Gucci Ace.

Differences in The Footbed

A genuine shoe is always of impeccable quality from the outside to the inside so you won’t find any flawed details. And in fake shoes the footbed will completely destroy all possibility of authenticity. You can’t compare the color of the threads or the color of the stand, that’s easy to do and you won’t find a difference. And let us show you the important detail to look out for: Gucci’s signature monogram motif. Gucci will not let the font have any flaws and in imitation shoes the font will be missing, wrong and more rounded.

To verify that a pair of shoes is fake or real is not simple and requires you to have certain knowledge about the shoe model you want. To do that, you need to carefully study the original and the reviews on social networks to compare. It is important to carefully review every aspect of an item, and ask to see all of the item’s details.

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