Why are replica shoes so cheap?

Replica shoes, fake shoes are no stranger to those who love and like to collect sports shoes from big brands. When we hear the names of brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Nike, Burberry, we all have strong admiration and desire but not everyone can touch them. That is why fake shoes appear more and more on the market to meet the needs of consumers who want to own top designs at a much cheaper price. So why are replica shoes so cheap? The answer will be there when you finish reading this article.

Replica shoes
Replica shoes

What are replica shoes?

This is a type of fake shoe imitations of genuine shoe brands from logos, colors, external details, designs that can be 99% similar. However, the quality is low and less durable, so the price is much cheaper.

Today, replica shoes are divided into many different ranks and come with suitable prices. Not all fake shoes are of poor quality and worthy of contempt. High-end imitation shoes are extremely sophisticated imitation products and are elaborately processed with the best selected materials. These are shoes that are so perfect that even a connoisseur can hardly distinguish the real from the fake.

Most of the fake shoes are produced mainly from Guangzhou – China. However, this is a very good product in terms of design and price. Everyone knows that China is the largest factory in the world in the field of replica fashion. Therefore, buying and selling a pair of shoes of this type is completely reasonable and is a popular trend in the world.

The reason why fake shoes are so cheap

Cheap labor

China is a country with the largest labor force in the world and very low costs. Most manufacturing work in China is done by machines, so labor costs will be very low. Therefore, the production of replica shoes in this country of billions of people will save a lot on production costs. And maybe you don’t know, many big brands have factories to process their products in China, such as: Adidas, Gucci, Fendy, Prada,… And that’s why China seems to understand quite well about the production lines and product quality of these brands. That’s why the copies here are really good quality, the same quality and not inferior to the originals of the brands.

No other costs

Have you often heard online stores insist that the quality of their products is exactly the same as the original, but you wonder when the price is so cheap. Well the reason is that the imitation shoes are made in China, and the original shoes are of the same quality. But fake shoes are less expensive as they are not subject to taxes, trademarks and advertising fees. Those costs can account for 50-70% of the product’s cost pricing because it costs big brands a lot of money. However, cheap replica shoes are not, they are just copied without bothering with any branding, marketing or advertising costs at all.

Never think cheap fake shoes are bad

It cannot be denied that the replica shoes are just fake and can never replace the original. But they don’t deserve to be boycotted, when the fake appear to be for those who love the fashion of big brands but are not economical enough. And if you’re the one with the money, we don’t recommend using copies.

Where to buy the best quality cheap replica shoes?

To be able to buy a pair of cheap shoes is not difficult. However, with so many choices and today’s complex market, you need to be very careful in choosing to be the smartest shopper.

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